Andrea Jeremiah says Casting couch is not just a man’s fault

Andrea Jeremiah shared her thoughts about casting couch and the ways to avoid such encounters In a recent interview. Dhanush-starrer Vada Chennai released Wednesday amidst high expectations and true to it the film has been receiving positive reviews from both the fans and critics. Andrea Jeremiah, who plays one of the prominent roles in the film, has been receiving rave reviews for her performance in the film.

Andrea said, “I’ve never experienced casting couch myself. If I date a guy, it is only because I like him and vice versa. I am an actor, and I know other actors who have never had a casting couch experience. It also depends on the vibe you give off to people. If somebody meets me, they will know that his girl means business.

“Casting couch is not just a man’s fault. It is important to say this because we blame the other side always. If women are not willing to sleep for work, then they won’t ask for it. A women should have the confidence and say ‘I believe myself and I won’t sleep with anyone’. Then casting couch will not exist. If they don’t have that confidence and compromise, men are also humans. And this makes it difficult for women who don’t want to compromise.”

The Vishwaroopam II star went on to add that she is proud to do the films she has been doing. She said, “Take me for an example. I don’t come from a film background. I don’t have any producer’s influence. I’ve made my mistakes. I worked my way up. I work with big directors. I work with good actors. I act in female centric films. And I do all this, without ever indulging in a casting couch experience. Because I believe in hardwork, talent and blessing. It is possible. It may take more time, but it’s possible.”

In addition to Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah, Vada Chennai also stars Aishwarya Rajesh, Ameer and Daniel Balaji, Kishore in crucial roles. The music department is handled by Santhosh Narayanan while Velraj is behind the camera. The film is produced by Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films while Lyca Productions will distribute the movie. Vada Chennai is a crime drama that marks Dhanush’s third collaboration with Vetrimaaran.

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