Divya Gopinath accuses Alencier of sexual harassment

Divya Gopinath , who had earlier shared her bitter experiences on the social media has come out against popular Mollywood actor Alencier Ley Lopez with fresh allegations of sexual harassment.  Clarifying decision to expose Alencier, she said, “I had immense respect for this artist, until I met him personally.  His progressive and liberal approaches to what is happening around us is just a mask of his perverted self,” wrote Divya on the blog, protestingindia.wordpress.com.

Divya Gopinath alleged that apart from misbehaving with women on the movie sets, Alencier also bragged about his experience of misusing girls with his colleagues later. “My friends informed me about his insensitive remarks about the female actors of ‘Aabhasam.’ They said that he literally boasted about his experience of misusing female actors, including me, who were associated with the movie.”

Divya Gopinath claims to have talked to Alencier, who reportedly broke into tears and apologised. “Aabhaasam” movie fame Malayalam actor Divya Gopinath is the latest to join the #MeToo movement from Malayalam film industry.

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