Chitrangada Singh admits casting couch in Bollywood

Chitrangada Singh is one of the most versatile and talented actresses in Bollywood. She’s not done that many movies but her roles have managed to leave a mark. Now, Bollywood, as we know can be very dark in terms of casting couch. And she has opened up on the same in her recent interview. Chitrangada Singh “Sexual Favors & Other Favors Are Asked In Bollywood But It’s Your Choice”

In an interview with, Chitrangada Singh was aked about her opinions on the sexual favours in Bollywood. The entertainment portal quoted the actress saying, “There are people like this everywhere. Right from my modelling days to Bollywood- I have seen them at all times.

Corporate industry is just as bad. Yes, it has happened with me but, I would like to say that Bollywood industry is not the place where anybody forces you. There is enough space and respect for everyone and their choices.

You do feel bad when you lose an opportunity but then those are the choices you make. So, you don’t sulk about it. It feels bad and I have lost out on projects too but at the same time if you are comfortable with it, then go ahead and do it. I am not here to judge anyone.”

The actress then went on to state that sexual favors are not the only kind of favor that people is Bollywood seek. There are several other kinds of favors that are a reflection of the imbalance that exists in each one.

She said, “There is not just sexual favour but other sort of favours too, which people seek. That’s the way world functions, so you make your choices and live the way you like.”

To end this topic, the Inkaar actress said that everyone’s choice should be respected and not judged. “I am not taking away from anyone who has been in the situation, I am not judging. This is just my point of view,” concluded the actress. Chitrangada Singh “Sexual Favors & Other Favors Are Asked In Bollywood But It’s Your Choice.”

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