Mischa Barton spoke about the Me Too movement

Mischa Barton was photographed for Paper Magazine and openly talked about the tabloids and social networks, the bullying and the move #MeToo. At the time, Barton became known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the series “Lonely hearts”. According to the actress, for many years, the problem for her was nesposobnosti the public to distinguish between herself and the character.

Because of the tabloids and what they read about my life – most of this is untrue, the audience really feels like they know you,” says Mischa Barton. I wanted to be usamimi wanted to help people understand the real me… But at the same time, it is very difficult. I wish I came out sooner, but it’s really hard to do, because I have a lot of trust issues people who have done strange things with my life story,” said Mischa Barton.

In 2017, Barton became embroiled with a lawsuit with an ex-boyfriend who tried to sell a sex video in which she made without her consent – what many call “pernamently”. Misha won in court. A few months later, in the fall of 2017, according to the Hollywood swept motion #MeToo and more women have publicly shared a traumatic experience with bosses, ex-partners and colleagues.

It’s really funny, I always joke that I once in few years ahead or behind the curve. I feel like I came all the way, trying to explain to everyone what “revenge porn” and all these things at the time,” said Mischa Barton. Members of the movement #MeToo she calls brave women, but notes that at the time when she was working, few people spoke openly about these topics.

Mischa Barton had to endure the cruelty from the tabloids, and the rough attacks from the successful American blogger known as Perez Hilton. Now the situation has changed, and not only to Barton – she believes that significant changes have occurred in how culture, the media and the public treat women.

I think that we’ve evolved from the point of view of understanding that we should have a more lenient attitude to people in the public eye, especially to women, mainly because now we live in the era of Billy Ailes is Kamila. Cabello, who is not afraid to say, “Hey, I’m a woman. I have good days. I have bad days. I don’t need to show my body if I don’t want. And I can dress and behave as I want”, – said the actress.

However, Mike is not upset that are unable to live a normal life in the previous “era”. It still works, makes a career and continues to have fun. According to Barton, the young stars today have more opportunities, thanks largely to social media.

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