Rima Kallingal reveals casting couch in Malayalam Film Industry

Rima Kallingal was in news recently for founding the Women in Cinema Collective. Recently Rima Kallingal shared why she came with the initiative. She revealed that she was shocked by the tragedy that had happened to her friend. It made her to open up on the exploitation that is happening in cinema.

Rima Kallingal added that she never faced such an incident in Malayalam. No one dared her to oblige, added the actress on couching cast. Rima Kallingal had played memeorable roles in 22 Female Kottayam, Ritu, etc. Rima also feels that this has become a global movement which has been addressed by many women.

“But they (AMMA) have insulted this organisation (WCC), that can become a part of a worldwide conversation on sexism, in such a cheap manner. Using the biggest platform they could (AMMA Mazhavillu show), members, including the senior-most ones, staged a skit insulting the collective. So after this, don’t expect us to approach them with the hopes of getting a mature reaction from them. I think it is black and white,” she explained.