Angellina Bharwaa | Actors has to be believable and truthful because audiences are very good at seeing fakes

After starting off her acting career in modeling and television, Angellina Bharwaa has come a long way and plans to go forward to full-fledged movie projects. Gossipganj Team caught up with Angellina about her success so far.

Tell us something about your professional background? The projects you have done till now! How did you come this far?

I’m From Non filmy Background. I’m here to fulfill my dream as an actor, I have started my Career from modeling, and then I have done TVC & TV Serials also. But I want to become a movie actor, so I left the TV industry. And I joined theatre to improve my acting skills & after giving hundreds of auditions at many Production houses; finally I got selected as the lead of the movie Banjaraa which was a hit in South. And now my movie Khandak is all set to release soon so, hope for the best. 

What’s your role in movie Khandak?

I played the lead in Khandak. This movie has a really heart touching story line, I almost cried when the script was narrated and agreed for this project without any second thought. My character name was Dulari. Dulari believes that all humans belonging to any caste, tribe, and religion are equal. Best part is that the complete shoot was done in a village. No sets were created. We were actually shooting in real locations and the villagers were really very sweet and nice. And they were very cooperative too. Actually the full shoot was a bundle of memories.

Do you want to continue working in South movies?

Actually I would love to work in South Industry and my dream is to be a co-actor with Respected Vijay Deverakonda sir in a movie.

Was your family supportive in your acting career?

Well in the starting no support… But after my south movie got awarded then their perspective changed and now I got brilliant support from everyone…

Who’s your idol in Bollywood?

SRK. Because he is also from a non-filmy background and now he’s king of Bollywood.

Do you have any advice for other actors?

Actually, acting is a serious job that involves a lot of hard work. Most actors are constantly faced with the stress of chasing roles because most jobs don’t last that long… Actors must not only spend a lot of time honing their craft and improving their skills, they also have to devote many hours in finding and attending auditions also. 

As a struggling actor, what challenges one has to face in this industry?

Frankly speaking, the first thing is trust issues because 70% of castings are fake. And if everything is right and one got selected in a real audition then inclusivity Challenges, Income Inequality, etc, are other issues one has to face.

What other challenges an actor has to face before the camera?

One of the biggest challenges for an actors is to be believable and truthful. For any story to come to life, it must be believable, we must “hold a mirror up to nature”, because audiences are very good at seeing fakes.

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