Pooja Bhatt revealed that A male friend grabbed my breast at an airport

Pooja Bhatt is also one of the prominent names who has spoken out against sexual harassment in the Hindi film industry in the light of the ongoing Tanushree Dutta – Nana Patekar case. Tanushree has accused Nana Patekar of harassing her, while she was shooting for a special song for a film Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss in 2008. Following the revelation, many more such cases have come into the light. Recently, director Vikas Bahl has been accused of sexually harassing a woman who used to work as a crew member with him in Phantom Films. The allegation has also been supported by Kangana Ranaut.

Pooja Bhatt on Sunday stated that every man in this world is not a sexual predator. Her statement comes in the light of sexual harassment allegations levelled against various Bollywood celebrities lately. Pooja Bhatt said, “Every man in this world, just because he is a man, cannot be a sexual predator. And every woman, just because she is a woman, is not necessarily a victim. Sometimes she is also the perpetrator. To paint every man with the same brush is unfair.”

Stating that there is a need to look at the matter in a more balanced manner, Pooja said, “Is it a reality in Bollywood? Yes, but it is a reality in media, politics, and college. It is a reality in every place where there is an exchange of power. If there is an exchange of power, there are situations where woman utilises her sexuality to be able to gain that foothold. There are women who marry someone because he is a powerful person. That’s not different from a woman who wants to go out there and exchange sexual favours for fame.”

“There are also cases where men have been blamed for cases where they were truly innocent and yet there is a trial by media before and then the court case comes in their favour but by then their reputation and family life is ruined already,” she added.

Pooja Bhatt also shared her own experience of facing harassment at the hands of somebody from whom she least expected it. She revealed that her male friend tried to grope her breast at an airport and added, “You’re imagining an enemy out there when the enemy will be sitting right next to you”. Adding to her stance on the Tanushree issue, Pooja asserted that if Tanushree is sure about her claims, she should take the legal proceedings ahead. She then called out Bollywood for being a hypocrite. She said that the celebs show loyalty to the industry while attending funerals and weddings but steer clear away from uniting when it comes to speaking up on issues like sexual harassment.

Pooja talked about the history of women been subjugated with harassment in one form or the other and said, “Why do we insist on taking a cue from the West yet again by calling it the #MeToo? Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, female infanticide is a reality in the subcontinent and is something that women have to suffer day after day”. She added that while the problem still remains the same, the only fact that has been changed is that we are now in a better position to talk about it. She said, “I’d like to believe that things have changed but nothing changes until it changes in your homes and bedrooms. It’s important to air your grievances and frustrations. That itself is a major form of release.

She added, “When you speak uncomfortable truths in a world of lies, then you are looked upon as insane or you are dismissed. It comes down to eventually you believing in your truth because the truth does not require PR. So I think, what has changed is that we talk about it more”.

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