Jennifer Aniston distancing from her ex-husband Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston is not happy with the new dating reports about Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston is so done with him now after it turned out he is no longer single but in a relationship with German model Nicole Poturalski.

Jennifer Aniston felt cheated once again and she is fed up with Brad Pitt. In the article that was published on National Enquirer, it was claimed that Jennifer Aniston thinks she was stabbed in the back by her ex-husband and this is the second time around that it happened.

Thus, she wants to distance herself and never to be associated with him anymore. She was really surprised when it came on on the news that he went on a trip to France with the model and believed she was blindsided and they just rekindled their romance not long ago.

She has spent months supporting Brad through his divorce and custody battle with Angelina Jolie during secret meetings at both of their homes then suddenly, he is jetting off to Europe with a married woman who is young enough to be his own kid.

Jennifer Aniston was really shocked and the fact that she only learned about this through the news made it more shocking. The actress is said to be totally disgusted and immediately told Brad Pitt to stay away from her.

Jennifer Aniston is cutting ties with her ex-husband because this is not the first time that he betrayed her. Starting from Angelina Jolie, he was also reported to be dating Alia Shawkat but she ignored this.

And now, there is another woman and she can’t take it anymore. Nicole was the last straw in Brad’s betrayals and she is so done with him, as per the source.

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