Jennifer Aniston caught sleeping Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat together | Rumors

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are rumored to be together again. Aniston and Pitt’s sweet reunion at the SAG Awards only intensified the speculations about their romance. However, aside from Aniston, Pitt has been linked to another Hollywood star, Alia Shawkat.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly caught Alia Shawkat’s secret sleepover at Pitt’s house leaving her utterly heartbroken. Aniston reportedly felt that Pitt cheated on her again.

For a long time, it was being said that Brad Pitt has been quarantining with the FRIENDS star. They were said to have sorted out all the past issues, and moved on for good.

Amidst it all, pictures of Alia Shawkat outside the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star’s house resurfaced. Now, it is being said that Brad was cheating on Jennifer Aniston and she caught the duo sleeping together at his house.

Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt has a secret sleepover at his place. While the actress was spotted coming to the actor’s house, Alia stayed back instead of returning to her house in the evening.

If that wasn’t enough, the two have been inseparable. Jennifer Aniston caught them together and is allegedly ‘devastated.’

Earlier reports stated that Brad and Alia have been bonding over art. The actor has found his new interest in the subject, and Alia Shawkat being an expert has been really supportive in his interest.

“Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat have been practically inseparable in recent weeks – they’re more serious than anyone realises. Brad can’t believe he’s found someone so smart, down-to-earth, normal, quirky and funny.

She’s constantly surprising him and she’s always making him laugh. They have art, architecture and films in common, but he loves her beauty, inside and out, and her wacky outlook on life,” a source close to the development had earlier revealed.

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