Kritika Sharma accuses casting director Vicky Sidana of attempted rape

Kritika Sharma has accused Bollywood casting director Vicky Sidana of attempted rape almost six years ago. Speaking to Zoom TV, the actor narrated how it all began when she went for an audition to Delhi’s Mandi House area for an upcoming Bollywood film in 2013, where she first met Vicky. She was asked to enact a scene which had a lot of abusive words and she found it difficult to mouth the words.

Kritika Sharma was later called to Mumbai after being told that she was shortlisted for the film. Unable to find an accommodation, she called Vicky who promised to find some place with his female friends for her to stay. “From the airport, I straightway went to his office. The first question he asks me: ‘Let’s talk business. Agar mein teri help karta hoon, toh mujhe kya milega?’ So I understood what he was trying to ask me and I was like if I become a known person then people will automatically know that you were the person who cast me. He was like ‘tu uski chinta mat kar, mera naam bahot hai already, toh usko tu bhul jaa; tu mujhe yeh bata ke tu mere liye kya kar sakti hai.’ He didn’t get a reply from me.”

Kritika Sharma claimed that he said that his friends had backtracked and he would host her at his residence instead. She said she agreed as he said he was married and his wife will be home. She claims he made personal comments about her breasts on the way.

Later, at his home, he offered her vodka and when she refused, he reasoned that as an actor she would have to drink and smoke. All along his wife stood there, without saying a word. Next day, he took her to a building, insisting that they were to meet director Luv Ranjan’s assistant. On reaching the place, he asked her to wait while he met a person and then told her that the meeting was upstairs. As soon as they reached the room, he shut the door and pushed her onto the bed and pulled her pants and tried to force himself on her. The actor allegedly kept pleading with him “to let her go” but he refused to stop. She told that she wasn’t willing to sleep with people to get work in the industry.

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