Some great Acting Tips from Madalsa Sharma

Madalsa Sharma has made a name for herself in the industry based on her performance as Kavya Vanraj Shah of Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa”. From being the feisty other woman to the fierce wife, the actress has portrayed a pool of emotions on-screen.

Talking about her role and her performance, she said, “I feel, mostly I connect with three aspects of Kavya: education, culture, and fighting for her rights. I love her being a die-hard romantic too. As far as my performance goes, it is the result of the training and intuition quotient of the actor in me.”

“Getting into an emotion and coming out of it is part of the training of an actor. It’s a technique called switch on-switch off. But yes, sometimes it does not work,” she added.

Speaking about the recent track in the superhit show, she said, ‘Anupamaa‘ is about characters, relationships and their response to changing situations. My observation is that the writers are experimenting with different facets of a person to present an expanding viewpoint of the society.”  

So what can we expect next from Kavya?

“I really don’t know but I have faith in the writers. Whatever they come up with would be brilliant,” Madalsa concluded.

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