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Sivakumar knocks fan’s phone away again!

Sivakumar knocked down a fan’s phone yet again as he attempted to take a selfie without his consent. The video of Sivakumar’s shocking behaviour is going viral. His rude behaviour received a lot of flak from the public and he was forced to apologise. Later, he even gifted a brand new phone to the distressed fan.

In October 2018, Sivakumar said that people should ask his permission before taking selfies. He said, “I am someone who has never hesitated to take photos at an airport or any gathering with hundreds and thousands of people. People should have the basic courtesy to ask any person before clicking pictures with them. A celebrity cannot be taken for granted or considered as public property.”

Even while apologising, Sivakumar said that he’s doing so only because many people felt that it was wrong on his part. Later, he had gifted a brand new phone to the fan and put an end to the issue. Now, with this latest controversy, it is unclear whether Sivakumar would react the same way and apologise or ignore it completely.

Veteran actor Sivakumar was embroiled in a controversy when he knocked a fan’s phone who was attempting to take a selfie with him. Four months later, it looks like Sivakumar hasn’t learned from his mistakes. He’s at it again. Recently, the actor was invited to the wedding at director-actor E Ramadoss’s household. While he was entering the venue, a fan tried to take a selfie with him.

Again, much to the shock of everyone, he knocked down the fan’s phone and walked away like he never existed. The video is going viral on social media and many people have condemned the actor’s behaviour.