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Kim Kardashian makes $1 million for a SINGLE sponsored Instagram post

Kim Kardashian recently filed documents in her suit against Missguided USA in which she claims to earn between $300,000 and $500,000 for a single sponsored Instagram post.

However, the real number is higher and up to $1 million (Rs 6,91,78,100) and her company will soon file the updated documents.

Justifying the lawsuit of the amount, Kim revealed that she makes so much money on basis of her brand name and no one can use her popularity for their financial gain.

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She also mentions in the lawsuit that she often turns down offers with big money because she doesn’t want to get associated with brands.

According to Tmz.com, Kim is currently amid a lawsuit she filed against Fashion Company Missguided. She had accused them of using her pictures to promote their company without her permission. 

The company apparently didn’t respond to her claims, and she’s now going in for a default judgment for $5 million (Rs 34,58,90,500). Kim may make a massive amount for a single post, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t selective.

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With 136 million followers, she certainly has a large audience whenever she chooses to promote a product.

Kim was originally seeking damages in excess of $10 million when she first launched her lawsuit against Missguided USA in February, suggesting her summary judgment request is a more realistic goal.

She lashed out at the fast fashion company that month after they started selling a copy of a striking black Thierry Mugler dress from 1998.

The company’s speed in creating a prototype and selling copies led some followers to assume Kim was collaborating with Missguided, an assumption she quickly corrected.

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