Hebah Patel has chosen walked out of TV debate on Lip-Lock trend

Hebah Patel was upset on going on TV debate on Lip-Lock trend.Trend of Lip-Lock/Bold Content kickstarted by ‘Arjun Reddy’ has been continuing in the Telugu Film Industry. It has now come to the stage of Filmmakers coming up with subjects based on kisses & intimate scenes. ’24 Kisses’ is one such project scheduled to release soon.

As part of the promotions, Team ’24 Kisses’ took part in a TV Debate hosted by a News Presenter who is known for controversial stuff. Those People who are good at moral policing are also invited for the debate.

Tricky questions related to Liplocks & Intimate Scenes annoyed Hebah Patel so much that she walked out of the show mid-way. As expected, The News Channel kept using the promo based on Hebah’s walk out on a repeat mode.

Hebah Patel mayn’t be aware of the hidden intentions of the news channel or how Today’s media works. This could be why she is so upset. Nevertheless, The controversy gonna fetch good free publicity for ’24 Kisses’.

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