Actress Yvonne Nelson gets trolled on social media

Actress Yvonne Nelson has been trolled by a section on social media after she shared her view on BBC Africa Eye’s documentary ‘Sex for Grades’.

Yvonne Nelson took to her twitter page to condemn the culture of people asking for sex before they assist.

She also frowned on women who, according to her, have the habit of easily exposing themselves on social media and questioned if those actions will ever change.

Actress Yvonne Nelson shared post on Sex for Grades

“Sex for grades! Sex for jobs! Sex for everything in our part of the world! Your brains don’t matter here. It’s the covered parts they want, oh wait, these parts arent covered anymore… it’s free on social media. Will, it ever change??,” Yvonne Nelson wrote.

Actress Yvonne Nelson is envisaging that sex for grades won’t end any time soon considering the provocative dressing of some female students in the country’s tertiary institutions.

According to her, the once-revered private parts of ladies is currently on display on social media which could be a recipe to the conduct of some lecturers

Her comments come on the back of a discussion on sex for grades in some Tertiary Institutions in the country.

She noted that amidst the conversation, there is the need to take note of the fact that young ladies are also a contributory factor to the demand for s*x for grade from lecturers because places which hitherto were covered are now made open to the public.

There’s now a culture on social media, especially Instagram and snap-chat where young ladies expose their bodies to men just to get get some monies from them. Some women have made it a cash cow where they make all their money from.

Actress Yvonne Nelson trolled after sex for grades comment

However, her comments especially the section about nudity on social media has not been received well by Twitter users.

Some have said the actress is slut-shaming women while others have called her actions victim shaming.

But many of them, have pulled out old photos of the actress in bikini and other semi-nude clothes explaining the actress has no right to criticise someone for going nude on social media when she has done same countless times.

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