War movie review | Hrithik Roshan vs Tiger Shroff

War movie review
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War movie review | War stars Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, and Vaani Kapoor, all of whom have been appreciated for their performance in the film.

What do you expect when you have the two most beautifully-muscled, elastic bods in Bollywood playing I spy in a Yash Raj movie?

War movie review


Khalid played by Tiger Shroff is assigned to find and eliminate his mentor and senior agent Kabir played by Hrithik Roshan, now gone rogue.

The will brings them together in death-defying situations until one has to win over the other.

War is about an agent gone rogue and his prodigy who try to prove who is more patriotic than the other.

Kabir (Hrithik Roshan), the leader of a special task force team of India, faces a quandary when he is introduced to a new recruit, Khalid (Tiger Shroff).

Khalid is on a mission to prove his patriotism and cleanse the name of his family after his father was exterminated and labelled as a traitor.

But, Kabir doesn’t trust anyone to join his team unless they pass the requisite trust barometer.

Hereon, the film transports us back to the present where Khalid is now tasked to stop Kabir from eliminating Indian intelligence and military assets.

The only problem is – nobody knows who is the next target, the modus operandi or the reason why Kabir has turned rogue.


WAR starts with a Kabir aka Hrithik Roshan taking an aim at his target while his senior officer sits in his home office looking at Kabir’s feed.

However, within five minutes the story takes a twist when Kabir who is supposed to be miles away shoots at his senior from across the street.

Declared rouge Kabir’s team has been set out to hunt and kill him while his most loyal student Khalid played by Tiger Shroff, wants to figure out the reason behind Kabir’s attacks.

The story then follows the two as they play a cat and mouse chase around the world.

What Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff have to offer is themselves and the technological marvel of new-age cinema.


The cinematography when either of the lead is on screen feels like one could see every inch of their muscle move but that kind of clarity also enhances the flaws. The budget of the leads and rest of the cast seemed to have a major difference.

Some of the indoor and outdoor scenes were shot on sets and using a green screen which is quite visible especially when the on-location scenes stand out so well. They either feel too isolated or out of place.

Unreasonable Action scenes

Action, action and then too much of action can actually kill the fun. There a few action sequences like the one inside the aircraft and towards the climax which has been dragged to death.

The big action scenes, on the other hand, are outdone some of which can be seen in the trailer. Throughout the film, we have Tiger and Hrithik travel places, with several flashbacks also used to justify their actions.

The saving grace of this film is the action sequences, some feel unreasonable but are widely accepted in the commercial cinema, and hell if the world can do it so can we. We have people flying out planes, riding cars out of ships and fight like superman.

With Kabir killing Khalid’s father some 20 years ago, it still looks as if they have a 20 something age difference, which is highly impossible given the flashbacks and their military stature.


Hrithik earlier has been seen playing such macho roles, while his acting never falters the slow patchy script brings it down.

Tiger Shroff shows an improvement as an actor especially in the last five minutes of the film, at times he is treated as a civilian asset instead of the lead but he keeps up with Hrithik’s presence.

Tiger tries, and the more he tries, the more he squints. His voice gets shrill and shriller until the climax, and you need to watch War for that.

Vaani Kapoor essentially doesn’t have much of screen time and is easily forgotten after the first half of the film.

The screenplay which is supposed to have these big twists and reveal moments grows repetitive. The final twist though surprising undoes every that happened since the start of the film.

Dialogues like ‘Target acquired’ when the target has only been spotted make into the final cut.

A classic actor like Ashutosh Rana does best in whatever limited screen time he has. Supporting actors like Anupriya Goenka stand out in their performances.

Soni Razdan is in her element, playing the role of Khalid’s mother waiting to have her moment of redemption. She is impactful whenever given the screen space.


The screenplay keeps playing with the viewer’s mind with too many flashbacks and juggling between time zones. So much so, that at one point, you will give up!

Music and background score

The background score is what pushes the film and gives it the much need jolt. War credits Vishal Dadlani, Daniel B George (background score) and Shekhar Ravjiani for its music, but it is strictly passable. The background score works when accentuated by the sound of engines revving, but otherwise remains unnoticed.


Director Siddharth Anand does a decent job making the film engrossing for the audience. The first-half has several close combat and parkour sequences. The makers have shot this massive showdown across seven countries, which gives the audience many beautiful locations to explore. For thriller lovers, there are enough twists and turns and keeps the audience guessing: What’s the motive? The film, of course, could have benefitted if it was chopped a little tighter in the second half, saving the audience some time from another showdown between the leads.


The basic plot of a mission to hunt down the global enemy with shocking revelations bursting a lot many bubbles through the adrenaline-pumping course journey has been exploited on cinema way too many times.

Why you Should watch ‘WAR’?

War is undoubtedly an entertaining Bollywood thriller with two superstars of two different generations giving ample opportunities to start a social media war on who was better. After a long time, we have a film which is better than its trailer. WAR is a combination of well-blended masala, powerful action scenes, unpredictable twists and a required dose of patriotism.

War Celeb Review

To raise the anticipation of seeing the two stars together on the big screen, Siddharth Anand had revealed that Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff would promote the film separately to maintain the rivalry theme surrounding them.

Now it seems that all the efforts have paid off. The first few reviews of the film from directors Milap Zaveri and Punit Malhotra called it a “blockbuster” while also praising the trio of Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff and Vaani Kapoor for their performances.

War has recorded third-best advance bookings of all time

As per reports in Box Office India, War has recorded the highest advance booking of this year and position on the third position top advances of all time. The trading website reported that War has minted about Rs 32 crore. The film released on Wednesday on a national holiday that is Gandhi Jayanti and has a very long weekend till October 6, 2019.

War Full Movie Leaked Online!

On its very first day of release, Hrithik Roshan-Tiger Shroff starrer War full movie got leaked online on a pirated site. Recently,

films like Dream Girl, Chhichhore and Kabir Singh witnessed the same misfortune but despite the online leak, all of them performed extremely well at the box office.

It is yet to be seen if War’s business at the box office would be affected by the online leak or not.

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