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Tonto Dikeh credits plastic surgery for her curvy shape

Tonto Dikeh has told the BBC Pidgin that she gained more confidence after a makeover achieved via plastic surgery. She spoke in a 3.25 minute package titled: Brazilian butt lift: ‘My bum-bum dey give me confidence’.

Tonto Dikeh said before the surgery, she was shapeless. But not anymore and she says she is not ashamed about what she did. Tonto is not the only woman interviewed, but she is the only one that agrees to come on camera.

Her credo as she says is “If you don’t like it, fix it”. And she has been doing just that to give herself a great figure that turns heads. “You go just dey like yourself. You just just be happy and say na me be dis, see as my shape dey”, she says about the benefit of plastic surgery.

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Recently, Tanzanian singer, Juma Jux’s girlfriend is said to have gone under the knife as well. Speaking to a Global Publishers, Nayika revealed that despite her mother’s natural perfect shape, she wasn’t blessed to follow in her footsteps and as a result, was labelled as not having ‘good shape’.

“I was so fat and dark, often referred to as a pig. I was once dumped by a man who told me I wasn’t attractive. It was really hard getting the body I have now but with my doctor’s advice I got it,” she said.

In 2015, Vera Sidika parted with an arm and a leg to get her boobs done abroad. “These ones are 450cc. I am going to Miami to get them fixed. I mean, they are not cheap like those the ‘other girl’ got and then they started falling. I want to keep this sexy thing going on way past 30 years,” she said during a recent interview with Pulse.

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