Swara Bhasker gets declared Aunty-National on Twitter

Swara Bhasker is facing severe backlash on social media for referring to a four-year-old child actor as “chu**ya” and “Kameena” on the chat show “Son Of Abish”.

A video spreading like a wildfire on social media shows Swara using the swear words for a child actor with whom she worked with for an advertisement shoot during her early days in the film industry.

Apparently, Swara got angry because the child had addressed her as aunty.

In the video clip, the actress is seen speaking about disappointed she was with the shoot, adding that the kid calling her “aunty” only made her angrier.

According to Swara, she did not say the word “chu**ya” on the child actor’s face, but uttered it in her thoughts. She added that children were basically “evil”.

Twitterati started slamming the actress no sooner that the video went viral, and the hashtag #Swara_aunty has been trending on the micro-blogging website since Tuesday morning.

According to ibtimes, an NGO — Legal Rights Protection Forum — has reportedly filed a complaint to National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and demanded action against Swara Bhasker.

Swara Bhaskar crusade for orgasm equality

Earlier Swara Bhaskar opened up a conversation about the importance of women being upfront about attaining sexual pleasure. She has partnered with Durex India and has been posting videos on her Twitter and Instagram accounts about the same. In one video she said,

“Did you know that 70 percent of Indian women may not orgasm each time they have sex. I mean that is crazy. Look guys men and women have different bodies and we orgasm differently but honestly should pleasure be a solo game just for one gender? I think not! India already has so much social inequality, gender inequality, so seriously guys we cannot add orgasm inequality to that list.”

Swara Bhasker

She even took to Instagram some time ago to write,

“Everyone should have the right to pleasure! Fake orgasms are a real thing and should not be. So glad that @poojabediofficial and @durex.india are initiating a conversation! Share your #FakeOrgasm story and break the silence.”

Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker speaks about the importance of women being assertive in bed because pleasure is a two-way street.

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