Spanish singer Joana Sainz dies after being struck by firework

Spanish singer Joana Sainz died in a firework accident. She was 30. Joana was performing with her musical group, Super Hollywood Orchestra, at a festival on Sunday when an exploding stage firework struck her, reports “”.

oana Sainz Garcia, was performing with her group, the Super Hollywood Orchestra in Las Berlanas in Avila near Madrid on Sunday morning.

The pop group, which has 15 members including singers, musicians and dancers were on stage when Sainz was ‘hit in the abdomen’ with the firework special effects device.

According to an eyewitness, there were two rockets that were set off. One went in the right direction but the other hit the singer in the abdomen.

Paramedics attended to the singer at the scene before transporting her to the hospital in an unconscious state. She was later declared dead.

Video from the event shows at least nine performers on stage, dancing with the loud music.

Suddenly sparks appear from two pyrotechnic devices at the front of the stage and the one on the right appears to explode.

Ms Sainz then falls floor as her fellow performers rush to try and help her.

The performance was suspended after the incident, which occurred shortly before 2am on Sunday.

At the time of the performance, about 1,000 people were next to the stage in an esplanade behind the town square.

The 112 emergency service confirmed the accident happened at 1.49 am and about 25 minutes later the ambulance arrived.

Paying condolences to the deceased, the group’s promoters Prones 1SL issued a statement on social media, saying:

“The whole Prones family, partners, artists, friends, collaborators are very sad and dismayed by the loss of our companion and friend Joana Sainz, dancer and choreographer of the Super Hollywood Orchestra.

We sincerely appreciate all the love we are receiving in these hard moments.”

Witnesses said they heard a very loud bang and then saw the singer lying on the floor of the stage before the curtain was quickly lowered.

An investigation has opened to determine the cause of the accident. At this stage, it is believed to have been some sort of failure in the mechanisms of the special effects used during the show.

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