Soundarya Sharma tames a dragon that she spotted in LA

Soundarya Sharma spotted a Komodo dragon at Ranyon Canyon. The Komodo dragon is a beautiful yellow animal and it seems extremely friendly which it is traditionally not known for.

We spoke to Soundarya Sharma in this beautiful and hilarious incident and this is what she says, ” At first I was scared to see the dragon. Then someone helped me to play with it and then it was just so much fun. We seemed like long lost friends after that.

I love animals and probably they understand my vibe for them and hence we bond in such a manner. But it is strictly to be never tried. They are aggressive animals and they can be pretty dangerous. So it’s totally not advisable.”

The Komodo dragon and Soundarya Sharma made up for some pretty pictures as well as they were in various colors and it was like watching a rainbow. Soundarya is working on her craft in LA and she is also shooting for some of her work. We can’t wait to see her next on screen.

Earlier Soundarya Sharma went on a Mediterranean diet for her digital project “Raktanchal”.

“I was on a strict diet that is the Mediterranean diet. It’s a lot of discipline as I love food. It’s low carb and my body felt different after doing this. I moved better and different. There were things which were new to me,” said Soundarya.

“This character is an amazing one and I wanted to do everything possible to get it right. I hope the audience loves it,” she added.

“Raktanchal” is a period drama set in the 1980s in Uttar Pradesh. It explores the nexus of politics and the mafia. Soundarya will be playing a deglam character in the project.

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