Sidharth Shukla Spends More Than 3 Hours Inside A Pool For One Brilliant Shot

Sidharth Shukla’s first music video, ‘Bhula Dunga’, post his Bigg Boss 13 win has garnered over 23 million views in 2 days. The song, which has been trending on social media, explores modern-day romance through different emotions of love, companionship, separation, and pain.

Although we know very little of the shoot, a source informed us that the shoot wasn’t as easy as it looked on screen. The song was shot for two days with a 12-hour shift and the underwater scene itself took more than 3 hours to shoot.

“Sidharth went into the pool at 10 pm and came out of the water at 1:35 am. Not only was it very cold that day, but his vision was also completely blurred due to the chlorine present in the water. He was shivering, his eyes were watery, and he was unable to keep his eyes open. They had to call-off the shoot due to his worsening condition despite Sidharth insisting on continuing shooting”, informed the source.

We have witnessed Sidharth’s passion and dedication towards every task in the Bigg Boss house and without doubt, he gives his absolute best to everything he sets his heart on.

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