Shruti Haasan calls herself Waste Lady

Shruti Haasan shared a photograph of herself in gymwear. She shared the image on Instagram Stories. The actress wrote on the picture: “I did nothing today except work out for an hour… Waste Lady.”

She recently had a mega clean day and she also took out time for some dancing amid all the cleaning. In an Instagram Stories video, she was seen dancing in a black tank top and blue rubber gloves on.

“Today is mega clean day – but always make the time to have a little dance,” Shruti had written on the clip. She later shared a video of herself making funny faces and wrote: “I”m still cleaning WTH.”

Shruti Haasan keeps a busier schedule during lockdown, and enjoys writing and playing music.  In one of her recent Instagram posts, actor-singer-songwriter Shruti Haasan states that she’s been ‘self isolating since 1986’ and goes on to say that she misses the energy of a movie set and the lovely vibe of a jam room but emphasises the need to self isolate and stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 From home, she’s been collaborating — she was part of the ‘Anbum arivum’ Tamil music video anchored by her father and actor Kamal Haasan and composed by Ghibran, and was also a part of A R Rahman’s ‘Hum haar nahi maanenge’ music video with lyrics by Prasoon Joshi.

Shruti states that she has “surprisingly taken the lockdown very well” and has adapted to it: “There’s no point fretting over the situation we are in. I’ve been writing songs and music and spending my time creatively and productively,” she says.

Some of her social media posts offer a window into that creative zone, her piano sessions for instance. “There’s something intimate about sharing with the world how I play the piano at home. It’s just me and the piano, before other musicians work on a piece in the studio. I had to summon up courage to share it with everyone,” she says.

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