Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have got everyone hot in Senorita

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello get super sexy between in the music video for their track, Senorita. Fans have been shipping the idea of these two as a couple for years and the singers used that as inspiration for the steamy video.

The song is all about friends with benefits who seem ready to make things more official and the video clip definitely does the sizzling track justice.

Camila plays a diner waitress who has her head turned when a brooding, glistening Shawn stops by to get some food.

The pair exchange lots of seductive looks and even show off their dance moves before they ride off to a hotel room together. And things go down in the ‘hotel, motel, holiday inn’ as the BFFs create a sexy scene that could put Hollywood films to shame.

Ultimately the short-lived romance ends when the pair go their separate ways and Shawn continues on his journey. The video is so hot we wouldn’t be surprised if steam starts coming off computer screens.

And with lyrics like ‘You say that we’re just friends, but  don’t know the way you taste’ it’s not hard to see why fans are loving every bit of the track and its accompanying video.

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