Shama Sikandar Shared Her Painful Experiences

Shama Sikandar has always been very vocal about her struggle with depression and bipolar disorder. After winning this battle, the actress has described the disease as an epidemic. Shama says that she cannot tell how painful each of her moments spent with it has been in the last five years, where she has been thought to die sometimes.

She said, “It was the most difficult time. It was something like you are living every moment of your life with an epidemic. You don’t know what is going to happen. Everything is uncertain. That At the moment your desires also die. The saddest thing is that you have no hope for anything. Human desires only keep them alive because if we lose all our desires, then there is no purpose in life. Does not last.

She further added, “Depression and bipolar are mental conditions in which there is a tendency to lose hope and desires and this is the most difficult time in a person’s life. I don’t think there can be anything more tragic than this “This is the worst moment a human being goes through and if you overcome it, you can overcome anything.”

In the year 2006, Shama got a lot of recognition from the character of Pooja in the serial ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’. Shama spoke with IANS about her struggle.

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