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Saaho movie review | Saaho is Prabhas’s outing after Baahubali 2, the Sujeeth directorial carries a never-seen-before kind of hype. It would be fair for audiences to expect a film, yet another scintillating film, using Prabhas, the star and the actor.

Roy Group of companies face a problem with its head passing away in an accident. There is a battle for power among the prominent members. Meanwhile, Ashok Chakravarthy and his team are investigating a theft case in Mumbai. What is the connection between these two events? Saaho unearths this and more.

Prabhas plays Sidhant Nandan Saaho, an ‘undercover cop/criminal’ with a murkey past who falls for his colleague Amritha Nair from the Mumbai Crime Branch.

Their case takes them to a den of villains each out to outdo the other in the fictional city of Waaji (a glitzy, futuristic looking Abu Dhabi) Just for starters there is Jackie Shroff, Mahesh Manjrekar, Tinnu Anand, Malayalam actor/filmmaker Lal, Arun Vijay and Chunky Pandey in a menacing role, though credit goes to the Telugu dubbing artist as well for making him sound so ominous.

Be it Neil Nitin Mukesh, Murli Sharma or Prakash Belawadi, each side character is given enough screen time to shine. Mandira Bedi as the steely Kalki, clad in impeccable Khadi silk saris, is a delight to watch. Ditto with Shraddha who could have easily been relegated to mere eye candy, but is provided ample screen time to show off her doe-eyed, blowdried charm.

Saaho gets into the action mode pretty early on. The film begins with signature wide angles of massive structures and grim-looking men, who mean serious business. All through the first half, the narrative travels through cities trying to connect high-stake robberies in Mumbai and the search of a missing black box that is the key to a fortune.

Enter film’s leading man, Prabhas, with a loud, high-octane fight scene that sets the stage for many more such confrontations. With his towering screen presence, Prabhas fits the bill perfectly in this larger-than-life role. However, if you’re expecting his Bahubali charm to rub off again, then his avatar in this one is a far stretch.

His dialogue delivery seems deliberately slow, but for most part, the way his character unfolds, it keeps the viewer guessing. Shraddha Kapoor looks glamorous, but her character is poorly sketched. Introduced as a tough-talking cop, she soon becomes a damsel in distress, who often needs to be saved rather than she saving the world. Even the chemistry between the lead pair is missing.

Makers have come out successful in keeping the original storyline under wraps despite various rumours doing the rounds regarding the plot. But still, the film’s core plot, fails to excite since its clichéd and hackneyed, to say the least.

Sujeeth tries to carve out an action spectacle, which is built on a story that the Telugu audiences have seen an umpteen number of times. Having said that, it needs to be mentioned that the film has seriously good action blocks.

The pre-interval portion is one among them and the village fight in the climax portions, also looks fascinating. However, certain other sequences, do test the patience as they are just about the visual spectacle without any kind of innovation. The long action sequence that comes mid-way in the second half is one such sequence that’s just about the extravaganza.

Prabhas carries his role with ease. Interestingly, his lazy and calm demeanour, add to the swag of the character. There are many moments for Prabhas fans to cherish in the second half.

Shraddha Kapoor has done a good job and initially, one would get a feel that Shraddha Kapoor’s Amritha has a good scope throughout the film, but even her character falls into a predictable zone in the second half.

Nevertheless, she has done a fine job. Chunky Pandey’s performance deserves good appreciation. Jackie Shroff is wasted in a pretty simple role. Arun Vijay, Lal, Mandira Bedi, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Murali Sharma, Prakash Belavadi, etc., come up with decent performances.

Saaho is undoubtedly one of the most stylish movies to come out in recent times. While the villains are all type cast with gold chains and smart suits, Prabhas literally sashays down the screen in his ankle grazers and at one point carries off a fire engine red suit with such elan you nearly swoon.

Saaho, surely delivers well as an action extravaganza with a climax that compensates for its many flaws. The film’s second half picks pace, but is marred by a weak narrative that requires constant suspension of disbelief. Also, the special effects and CGI often lack the finesse that a film mounted on such a grand scale deserved.

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