Rose McGowan revealed to grow hair longer otherwise ..

Rose McGowan has revealed she was told to grow her hair longer to seem more desirable and get more work. The Charmed star grew up with short hair, but had her style questioned when she began to work in Hollywood.

In an interview to, Rose McGowan has revealed that she was questioned a lot about her short hair style when she she began to work in the industry, reports

The Scream actress has come out to say that her decision to shave her head a few years ago left her feeling more powerful. The feminist activist told Hunger Magazine:

‘I always had short hair growing up. Then when I was in Hollywood, they told me I had to have long hair otherwise the men wouldn’t want to f*** me. ‘If they didn’t want to f*** me, they wouldn’t hire me.’

Rose McGowan

The 46-year-old pointed out that it was a woman who gave her this advice all those years ago. Now rocking a shaved head, Rose admitted: ‘The longer my hair is, the less powerful I feel.

‘The side effect I noticed when I shaved my head is that men could hear the words coming out of my mouth for the first time.’

Rose McGowan

Having been one of the first people to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape, Rose is at the forefront of the Me Too movement and has sexual misconduct allegations against the film mogul, whose trial starts in New York on 6 January. Weinstein denies allegations of non-consensual sex.

Speaking of the movement, Rose said the most annoying question she gets is when someone asks how men are supposed to know if they’re allowed to flirt anymore. The actress explained that flirting is fine, but ‘grabbing people against their will’ or ‘punishing’ women for not wanting to date them is not flirting.

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