RD Burman had acted in three films before his music career

RD Burman was also affectionately known as Pancham Da by his fans, was one of the greatest musical geniuses. The legendary composer delivered several hit songs and became one of the most loved icons in the music industry space.

It is lesser known fact that RD Burman had acted in three films before taking up a full-time music career.

His unique style of music and catchy tunes were something that drew people closer to his music. Today marks the birth anniversary of the legendary Pancham Da and therefore here is an interesting trivia about RD Burman.

Pancham Da was one of the biggest musical maestros in Bollywood and in the field of music in general as well. However, the legendary composer had acted in three films prior to choosing a career in music.

According to an entertainment news portal, Pancham Da acted in three films during the ’60s. He played a supporting role in the films Bhoot Bangla (1965) and Pyar Ka Mausam (1969). He also acted in the film Gayak in which he played himself.

However, there was going to be a fourth film in which he was supposed to act; however, he quit. According to a news portal, RD Burman was supposed to play the role which Sunil Dutt played in the film Padosan in 1968. During this time, RD Burman’s dad was not sure of him choosing a career in acting and thus, asked him to choose between acting and composing music.

It was then that Pancham Da bid adieu to acting as a profession and focused on making music as a full-time profession. Since then RD Burman went on to deliver some of the biggest hits for Bollywood and in the world of music in general.

His music is loved by many fans even to this day. According to a news portal, Pancham Da was praised heavily for his unique sense of music as he was talented enough to create music out of anything that would be around him. No wonder, he has given some evergreen hits in Bollywood.

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