Rahul Jain song “2 Rs ki Pepsee Tera Bhai Sexy” got some amazing 90’s vibe

Rahul Jain is back with another song “2 Rs ki Pepsee Tera Bhai Sexy”, to charm us with his quintessential voice when we still couldn’t get over Rahul Jain’s recent song, Meri Maa. Rahul’s new song released on 2nd August has all the ingredients to get us all hooked to the song.

It has got some amazing 90’s vibe to it. The song not just released on Friendships day but is also about one. Gossipganj has an exclusive chit chat with Rahul Jain.

Gossipganj –  Your reaction after watching the whole song for the first time?

Rahul Jain – My reaction after watching the whole song for the very first time was really amazing. I was laughing. The fun that I wanted in the song while I created the audio, turned out in the video as well. So, of course, I was laughing at the end and there was a smile on my face.

Gossipganj – One word to describe the song.

Rahul Jain – This is a very sexy song.

Gossipganj – What kind of reactions are you getting after the release?

Rahul Jain – People are loving it. It’s getting a good response on youtube and also on social media. In such bad times, it is making people happy, giving them some reason to laugh, smile, or to remember their childhood. So people are loving it. But there are some fans, who loved the soulful songs and other genres, they still liked it but were like this is something different.

Gossipganj – Can we expect more numbers like this from Rahul Jain?

Rahul Jain – Yes. So I’m working on some other genres as well. More peppy, more fun. So there will be songs in that genre.

Gossipganj – What challenges did you face while making this song?

Rahul Jain – So when created the audio I had an idea to create this kind of video and then to execute it at such a bad time when shooting is like next to impossible. SoI think this was the biggest challenge as whatever I though and whatever concept I had in my mind, to execute that it was challenging. But yes, now when I see the final output I am happy.

Gossipganj – The whole message behind the song?

Rahul Jain – The whole message behind the song is to you know create memories or to relive those memories. And also it’s a fun song as I don’t people to use their mind while watching or listening to the song.

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