Rahul Jain | I grab the lyrics and try to feel every word

Meet the multi- talented singer, RAHUL JAIN! He is one of the youngest and most popular playback singer. Rahul Jain is music composer and songwriter too.

Rahul Jain did his Bollywood debut with Fever starring Rajeev Khandelwal & Gauhar Khan in 2016. Gossipganj has an exclusive chit- chat with Rahul Jain.

Gossipganj – We watched the song, Awaazein. Though the theme is gloomy, the beats are uplifting and catchy. How you ended up with this combination?

Rahul Jain – I think, when I composed this track, so I thought of how to make this different from any other heartbreak sad song. And this is one zone which is a pop zone, more towards the EDM.

So, I combined my composition that is also in the contemporary pop genre to the kind of beats that are towards hip-hop, and EDM. And that’s how this combination worked in the audio.

Gossipganj – What is your process before you start working on a song?

Rahul Jain – The process is, I sit back on a song. I really like to compose on lyrics, I grab the lyrics as much as I can, and I try to feel every word.

The guitar is my main instrument, so I take the guitar in my hand and start doing it. This is how the initial process is, and then I compose the track after that it goes for production.

Gossipganj – So your songs always have a hook to hold the audience. What is that in Awaazein?

Rahul Jain – Yeah, that is my style of composing. I think the hook is something which is a prerequisite, and that is a good thing to make the track hit and make people remember anything about the song, so you need a hook. 

And I think Awaazein has a hook drop, the drop after “Awaazein Ab Bhi Goonje” is something which I tried to create, it is the hook, and it comes twice in the song. I am getting quite good vibes about that from the audience as well.

Gossipganj – What role does location while shooting video plays? How did you decide the scenes and locations for Awaazein?

Rahul Jain – Of course, location adds on to the music video and the song. Like every other has a different requirement. About Awaazein, we shot this in the lockdown scenario, and Ashish Bhatia is in Dehradun, and we decided to it there.

First, we were planning to shoot in Mumbai only, then I realized when you are there, you should utilize the locations, the scenic beauty, and the natural locations of Dehradun. So, we shot this in Dehradun, and it came out really well.

Gossipganj – How are the reactions of your fans till now?

Rahul Jain – It’s getting wild like anything. I am getting lots of DM. Very good response on Youtube as well, and also it is doing pretty good on audio streaming apps. On some of the streaming apps, it entered on No. 1.

Gossipganj – What was the inspiration behind your song, Aawazein?

Rahul Jain – So I got inspired by a lot of things which we’re currently coming up like a lot of negativity in the lockdown, plus the media thing about SSR and Rhea.

So, I think relationships are not that easy, and I think when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong. I got inspired by such things that misunderstanding can ruin everything.

Watch to enjoy Rahul Jain’s Heartbreak Sad Song ‘Aawazein’ Feat. Ashish Bhatia & Kate Sharma

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