Puri Jagannadh latest release, iSmart Shankar in plagiarism row

Puri Jagannadh latest release, iSmart Shankar is facing a plagiarism row, with actor Jai Aakash of Aanandam fame alleging that the story is similar to that of his Tamil film, Naan Yaar directed by N. Radha, which was released in May 2016.

“When I went to watch Puri Jagannadh ‘s iSmart Shankar last Friday in Chennai, I was shocked to find that the core plot line and screenplay of the film were the same as my film,” reveals Akash, adding that he tried to reach out to Puri to bring the matter to his notice.

“If the film is being remade in other languages, the money made from it should also be given to me,” he asserts.

“I even sent him the documents of proof, but neither he nor his manager responded,” laments Akash, who has now lodged a complaint in the Tamil Film Producers Council. “C. Kalyan, President of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce is looking into the issue,” he adds.

The actor is especially concerned as he is planning to release the Tamil version soon. “After watching iSmart Shankar, who will watch my film now? I need to alter the script and reshoot the film, so I want to be compensated appropriately,” says Akash, adding that he also wants to share the copyright of iSmart Shankar.

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