Princess Shyngle says You can’t just sleep with me one time and go

Princess Shyngle has stated that it is impossible to allow men who taste her cookie for the first time to go free without dating her.

The Gambian born actress Princess Shyngle in a post on her Instagram page claimed she does not sleep with men for only their money but date them as well.Affirming her claim, Princess Shyngle disclosed that she did not make all her money from only acting movies. She stated that she makes sure men who sleep with her for the first time date her so she can enjoy their wealth.

“Some of y’all saying I am among let me tell y’all something, first of all, I don’t make speeches lying that I made all my money from acting movies, secondly I don’t fuck men for money I date them, you cannot fuck me one time and go it’s not possible you must date me, I must continue to enjoy that money I don’t date broke guys, google can tell you that if you don’t believe me,” Princess Shyngle said

Disclosing how she turns men on, Shyngle said her sexy pictures are her point of attraction.Princess Shyngle is a renowned actress and producer from the Gambia and Ghana. Princess has never shied away from expressing herself, regardless of how others view her or feel.

She once pointed out how actresses in the industry keep recycling and dating the same men. Some people thought that her progressive nature tends towards being quite daring.

There’s no actress who makes money from just movies, they sleep with men too.

Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle says there’s no actress in Africa who makes money from just acting in movies. According to her, most of them sleep with men who are wealthy in order to maintain their lifestyles. She made this known in a post where she talked about how “big men” chase her in her DM whenever she posts pictures of her sumptuous body.

She said “My dm is super fcuking lit, anytime I post a bad ass picture my dm and emails is under attack by pussy hunters ready to pay anything to get this Gambian pussy.

That’s why when I see all these lying ass actresses claiming success and blessings from acting movie, I just laugh my ass out as in the same men sponsoring your life style are on my dms oh or their pimps are on my dm the funny thing is these same men that sleep with y’all brag about it oh, they tell us oh. Don’t let anyone fool you oh. There is no actress that made her riches from just acting movies you’ll have to act 150 movies and save that money to afford a Range Rover or a 1st class ticket abroad”.

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