Payal Rohatgi is in trouble | Police registered case

Payal Rohatgi is in trouble. Police in Rajasthan have registered a case against TV actress and reality star Payal Rohatgi for making objectionable comments in a video against the family of freedom fighter Motilal Nehru as well as “defaming” the wife of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

The complaint was filed by Youth Congress leader Charmesh Sharma and the case was registered under sections 66 and 67 of the IT Act.

Sharma alleged that Rohatgi has insulted Motilal Nehru by making false allegations against his wife to defame her. She had also insulted Jawaharlal Nehru by levelling false charges over his wife’s character as well, he alleged.

The complainant in the FIR said that the video which is still on Facebook was posted on September 21 and it can hamper India’s relations with other nations as it posts objectionable comments with pictures in the context of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death.

Payal Rohatgi calls Bigg Boss 13 contestants jobless

Recently she was also slammed on social media for calling Bigg Boss contestant jobless. Apart from passing demeaning remarks on actors Ameesha Patel, Koena Mitra, Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla, Payal also called herself jobless.

“Ram Ram ji. Actors like #AmeeshaPatel #Koenamitra #RashmiDesai #SidarthShukla #AbuMalik all are jobless at present… So they decided to do Bigg Boss 13 for money. Others are irrelevant who just need fame so must have come free of cost. I was also jobless when I went to Bigg Boss,” Payal wrote in a tweet.

Payal particpated in the second season of Bigg Boss. During her stay in the house, she was mostly in news for her romantic involvement with her fellow contestant Rahul Mahajan.

Payal Rohatgi and Controversy

Rohatgi was considered a sex symbol by the Indian media during her early career in films. In March 2019, Rohatgi said that the Kashmiri Muslims should be evicted from Kashmir if Article 370 cannot be removed. In May 2019, she suggested that names of places having Islamic references, like Khan market in New Delhi, should be changed.

Rohatgi also attacked the 19th century Indian social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy as a traitor & lackey of British, and accused him of defaming the tradition of Sati. Sati is an obsolete funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband’s pyre.

In June 2019, Payal Rohatgi claimed that maratha ruler Shivaji was born in shudra varna and later moved up in caste hierarchy. After much uproar from local political parties, she issued a video apology over twitter and said that she had no intention to divide the larger Hindu society of India, but she’ll fight for the lost respect of Hindus by liberals, Mughal invaders, feminists, & Britishers.

The Twitter handle of Mumbai police blocked Payal Rohatgi in 2019 but they rectified their action when she resented it and informed the Chief Minister’s wife, who voiced support for her. Rohatgi praised Sushma Swaraj upon her demise for being a true Indian woman and rebuked feminists as “the shameful part of Indian history”.

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