Parvin Dabas says there is no formula of a perfect film

Parvin Dabas who is one of the judges at Kamal Nathani’s film festival UVAA which also happens to be India’s first ever virtual film festival for independent filmmakers talks about his experience and some of his favourites among the nominated films.

He also congratulates Kamal Nathani for putting the show together and introducing the audience to some of the finest filmmakers across the globe.

“I know Kamal Nathani sir since a while now, we go some time back. We did a film together where I was the main lead and he directed me. As far as the judging experience goes, it was amazing.

I saw so many outstanding films. Wide variety of films especially the ones made in quarantine and lockdown situation. There was one film which stood out was the one which was titled Quarantine, by a filmmaker from America, such a brilliant piece of film.

Direction, visuals, music everything was par excellence, it stayed with me for quite sometime. I saw a lot of films but 1 more which I can recollect was tilted The Other Side by a filmmaker from the south. I really liked the film, great performance by actors, sharp direction, very interesting story line overall an enjoyable experience.

There were many Marathi films which really stood out to me. I am a big Marathi film fan, loved everything about the films.” Apart from these great films, Parvin also enjoyed some great work by wild life filmmakers.

He shares a beautiful message for all the budding filmmakers. Quotes that there is no formula or recipe of a perfect film, find your own voice and be faithful to that.

Also elaborated by saying that he is first an audience member then a judge “When I see a film either it grabs my attention or it doesn’t. There were films which I would like to go back and watch again”

Looking forwards to the season 2 of UVAA festival, Parvin Dabas concludes by saying “It’s a great way to engage both filmmakers and audience. The future of virtual film festival is very very bright and promising.”

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