Paromita Dey gets rape threat amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Paromita Dey lives in Mumbai for the last 6 years and has been working in her film career from Mumbai itself. Paromita is originally from Kolkata. At the house of actress Paromita Dey, some people have gathered and are threatening to rape her. Paromita has sought help from Kolkata Police many times but she has not received any help from the police. Paromita has informed the entire matter via Facebook Live.

When the corona virus started coming to India, Paromita Dey moved from Mumbai to Kolkata to live with her old parents. India did not even lock down on 19 March. 19 March Paromita Dey arrives at Kolkata Airport. Paromita was tested for corona at the airport but was found to be negative during the investigation. Paromita Dey went into isolation for 10 days as her mother is above 70 years.

“I wanted to behave as a responsible citizen I wanted them to provide me a letter or a certificate which would be declaring my foremost of being zero infected and also I wanted to be in a place which would allow me of being in social distancing. But it’s really sad that instead of supporting me and providing the documents the people from the government people was so lazy at the airport checking that they just denied to produce any documentation. I also had an argument about this at the airport with the people at the checking booth,” said Paromita

This vicious incident took place on Sunday 29 march, when Paromita reached her parents house who are really old.

Paromita said that After reaching my house I was just having a healthy conversation with my 70 year old parents. When around 2.30 pm two West Bengal police just tried to barged into ma house which scared my old parents they kept on asking about some papers and I asked them very politely that they should be doing the investigation at the airport where people are getting paid to do their Job but they are to lazy to even write a document any which way they Denied to do any kind of investigation on that. These police officers who ends up at ma door without even getting a woman police or constable didn’t stop threatening me and wanted me to visit a hospital without any reason I told them to leave on which they started threatening me.

My 70 year old parents who are both old we are scared to death in our own house for these threatening and me and my parents have being noticing all night these people who threatened me of raping me.

What if these 50 people gets hold of on the street and rapes me and kills my parents. I appeal for immediate protection for me and my family and some drastic actions should be taken against these 50 men.

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