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Pamela Odame using her breasts to open a bottle | Bottle Cap Challenge

Pamela Odame Watara has taken it to a different level altogether.The Ghanaian-Kenyan socialite who is famous for her big boobs has also taken the challenge and she didn’t do the turning kick that the challenge is famous for.

A video of the video vixen and Instagram model is going viral after she used her b00bs to open a bottle of Kpookeke and it’s so funny. Even the slow motion effect applied to the video makes it eye-catching as her huge bust kept dangling in front of her.

It is a new challenge on social media where people use ‘turning kicks’ to remove the caps of bottles which Pamela took to a different level.

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Pamela Odame Watara chose to kick the bottle with her boobs and she removed it nice and smooth to the admiration of all. One of her friends held the bottle {a bottle of popular alcoholic beverage, Kpookeke} and she moved in to remove the cup.

The slow-motion effects in the challenge made it priceless. Undoubtedly, Pamela Odame Watara has won the bottle challenged in Ghana.

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Pamela Odame filmed the video in connection with the on-going Bottle Cap Challenge which seems to be trending worldwide. The video has attracted a lot of attention because of Pamela’s rather huge-looking breast and tiny waist.

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