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Otile Brown and Amber Ray steamy bedroom video gone viral

Otile Brown has posted a rather raunchy video with socialite and video vixen Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray with him being cuddly with the socialite who is seen lying on a bed.

Fans of the Otile Brown and Amber Ray were confused as to whether the romance was acted or there was something between the Otile Brown and Amber Ray . Amber Ray is a self professed fan of Otile Brown ’s music while Otile is in a relationship with Ethiopian Nabayet who is rumored to be pregnant.

Fans reacted to the video stating that the two were too cozy to be acting. The video attracted mixed reactions from from the world who wondered what was cooking in his yard.

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While some saw it as a snippet from behind the scenes footage of his upcoming music video, others held there could be more to it than meets the eyes.

Amber some time in 2018 rocked the media space with claims she had snatched someone’s husband, rapper Syd.

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The lass and the artiste even went on a tour in Santorini where they shot a video for one of Syd’s songs. Otile on the other hand is seriously dating his Ethiopian bae Nabbi.

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