Neelam Muneer justify her hot item song

Neelam Muneer has sought to justify doing an ‘item’ song for her upcoming film, Kaaf Kangna. Muneer’s apparent nationalistic fervour has landed her in hot waters after her caption comically implied various intentions behind the making of the film.

Neelam Muneer has received criticism for her dance number in the upcoming Pakistani film Kaaf Kangana. The actor took to Instagram to talk about her choice of the song. “I did this song only because this movie is a project of ISPR,” she wrote.

She went on to write that this would be the first and the last dance number of her career. “But you all know that whatever I do, I own it and I do it with pride,” she added. People, on the other hand, started a meme fest following the actor’s justification.

Neelam Muneer is known for hot pakistani beauty

Neelam Muneer a famous Pakistani model and television drama actress has gone viral on social media with a video of her dancing very sensually to the song ‘Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne’ in the backseat of a car while on her travels.

Neelam Muneer hot dance will shake you

Wearing a hot white salwar kameez and down her dupatta from bo**s, the Daray Daray Naina actress performs some very seductive, eye-catching and teasing moves in the back of her car, posing for the camera as the song plays in the background.

Muneer looks at the camera a few times with a very striking smile and eyes, and lures you into her personal version of moves related to this very catchy and well-known song.

Playful with her white dupatta, she then changes position to face the camera for some more teasing little dances and expressions.

The video was allegedly leaked by one of her girlfriends. Since the video went viral, as expected, she attracted a lot of criticism on social media for her car dance performance and its sexual nature.

But the criticism was also counteracted by lots of support from fans and followers alike on social media, who were not happy at people ‘bashing’ her on social media for a private dance. The song from the Bollywood song Kaante (2002) originally features Malaika Arora dancing to the track.

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