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Mia Khalifa disclosed her earnings from her adult films

Mia Khalifa in an interview and a series of tweets, opened up on how she earned a total of only $12,000 in her career. According to a report by Vice, Mia Khalifa only worked in the industry for three months, but is still one of the most popular names, and was the most searched adult actors on streaming platform Pornhub 2018.

Mia Khalifa says her follower count on Instagram went from 400 to 200,000 because of the particular scene in just three days. She said that “it just kept snowballing” until she had reached the 2 million count six months later after she quit the industry. She even spoke about how her Instagram account was hacked by ISIS.

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In another tweet, Mia Khalifa writes that she is trying to bust the “common misconceptions” about herself and the adult film industry.

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New York Post writes that Khalifa talks about receiving death threats from ISIS for wearing a hijab in an adult film. “The turning point, of course, was when I did the hijab scene. That is when the ISIS death threats came in, all of the news broke out — globally. Not just in America. It was trending on Twitter, it was all over the news. I was banned from a handful of countries,” she says.

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