Megha Ray on her first show Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai getting off air abruptly

Megha Ray was no more there to entertain us as her free-spirited character of Kajal in her debut show on television, Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai. We wondered how difficult it would have been for the young Megha who had just accelerated into the world of acting, and all of a sudden, there is this unexpected break.

Megha Ray shared with us, ” It was a legit heartbreak. I’m usually a tough nut and didn’t end up crying, but I sure wanted to and somehow held myself together. It was my first show, and I had never dreamt that something like this would ever happen!

The world had already become so strange with the lockdown and the idea that once the lockdown was over, I would go back on set, and work again kept me very positive. So when this difficult news, I couldn’t believe that it was all over so abruptly, without any warning”, Megha Ray added.

I could not have asked for anything better for my first show, but unfortunately, this Coronavirus hit us hard, not directly by infecting us but by taking our show away from us. I was super excited to play the part where Kajal would lose her eyesight (which was always the main theme of the show).

Little did I know that Kajal’s journey would remain incomplete and leave a void in my heart.  However, I have chosen to look at this in a positive way. We never know what is in store for us in the future so it is always a good idea to make the best out of today!” says Megha Ray.

The sudden lockdown because of the pandemic hit us all hard especially, the entertainment industry. Where we used to witness the hardcore shooting of every day of movies, television shows, music videos, and even ad shoots, and in a blink, all of it went shut.

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