Lata Mangeshkar Birthday Special

Lata Mangeshkar Birthday Special | Born in Indore in 1929, Lata started acting in her father’s musical plays at the tender age of 5.

Lata’s foray into films started with a small role in Navyug Chitrapat’s Marathi movie Pahili Mangalaa-gaur (1942) in which she sang a song as well. The singer collaborated with composers like Anil Biswas, Naushad Ali, SD Burman in the ear 1950s.

In 1942, when Mangeshkar was 13, her father died of heart disease. Master Vinayak, the owner of Navyug Chitrapat movie company and a close friend of the Mangeshkar family, took care of them. He helped Lata get started in a career as a singer and actress.

After their father’s untimely death in 1942, the Mangeshkar siblings, including the indomitable Asha Bhosle, were forced to fend for themselves. Only 13, Mangeshkar embarked on a journey that would change her life – and ours.

A young girl stripped off her childhood, Mangeshkar was the sole bread-earner of the large family. She wanted to try her luck in Bollywood for a much-needed leg-up. It was common those days for actors to sing their own songs. That dynamic made Lata Mangeshkar an aberration.

Initially, Mangeshkar is said to have imitated the acclaimed singer Noor Jehan, but later she developed her own style of singing. A file picture of the four Mangeshkar sisters during their younger days.

Lata Mangeshkar and her sister Asha played minor roles in Master Vinayak’s first Hindi-language movie, Badi Maa (1945).

One of her first major hits was Aayega Aanewaala, a song in the movie ‘Mahal’ (1949), which was composed by music director Khemchand Prakash and featured actress Madhubala.

Dilip Kumar had once once made a mildly disapproving remark about Mangeshkar’s Maharashtrian accent while singing Hindi/Urdu songs; so for a period of time, Lata Mangeshkar took lessons in Urdu from an Urdu teacher named Shafi.

Mangeshkar won a Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer for Salil Chowdhury’s composition Aaja Re Pardesi, from ‘Madhumati’.

There may not be a moment when somebody, somewhere, is not listening to a song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It has been so for the last 7 decades or so.

No singer has captured the imagination of an entire nation like Lata Mangeshkar has. Many singers have come and gone but that one that continues to remain our favourite is Lata Mangeshkar.

The ultimate queen of melodies is an inspiration for the generations to come. She has a career span of over seven decades and is also the second vocalist to have ever been awarded the prestigious Bharat Ratna award.

Her contribution to the music industry is immense and she will forever rule hearts with her soulful singing.

Music fans may be divided when it comes to choosing their favourite male singers – some might swear by Mohammed Rafi, others by Kishore Kumar, and some others by K.J. Yesudas – but the majority of them may pick Lata the female voice they most want to listen to. Not without reason.

Lata Mangeshkar Queen of heavenly voice

Her voice is heavenly. Her range wide. Her expressions always so right. And she is incapable of singing out of tune.

Little wonder, the leading heroines of the day insisted in their contracts that the songs picturised on them will be rendered by Lata. She was nearly always the first choice for the composer even otherwise.

Her devotion to music still leaves him awed as he recalls how the songstress never stepped on stage wearing footwear.

At recordings, she was always the last one to arrive at the studio. She’d write down the lyrics, go over the tune with the composer once and was ready to sing live.

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