Gurpreet Singh says I do yoga, free hand workout and meditation

Gurpreet Singh feels that social-distancing is not a choice, if one wants to get sick or lose a family member and wants to show their bravery, then that’s their bad doing.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the government has made following social-distancing mandatory. However, slowly it has become the most ignored precautionary measure too.

Gurpreet Singh feels that it is not a choice, but a responsibility and people must abide by it. “I get really surprised when I see people behaving irresponsibly and risking not just their but other lives too. It’s our responsibility to follow it,” Gurpreet Singh said.

The “Kahiin Toh Hoga” actor Gurpreet Singh says he ensures that he maintains social-distancing when he steps out, carries a mask and also washes his hands frequently. He feels that this pandemic has made everyone cleanliness freaks, and said, “Everyone has become a cleaning expert during the lockdown.

I have adopted this habit for my lifetime now for my good health and all those around me. It does not take too much effort or time to follow all the rules of cleanliness. Earlier also if someone in the family suffered from flu, we used to maintain distance from that person till they got better, so why not now.”

Gurpreet also feels that with time the coronavirus scare has reduced, but agrees that people need to go out for their daily bread.

“We are not trained to sit at home, for a while it was ok because the news of thousands getting infected was coming in. It is observed that most of the people are getting cured by having a good immunity, eating a healthy diet and following habits like steam inhalation.

With time the fear has gone, but we can’t sit at home as we need income for living and we need to do work following all the precautions,” he said.

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