Fauzia Ilyas posts nude photos on Twitter

Fauzia Ilyas riled up Islamic fundamentalists on Twitter after she posted nude photos of her on Twitter, in support of Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada whose nude videos had earlier gone viral online and subjected her to mockery by conservatives.

Ilyas said that Rabi Pirzada did nothing wrong as it is her life and her choice. “Shame on those whose [sic] cursing her,” the political activist said, condemning the ones who bully women because of their body. Fauzia Ilyas posted nude photos of herself in solidarity with Pirzada and said that women should not feel ashamed of their bodies.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed on your body.I don’t understand why always more & more women get bullied just because of their body. Rabi Pirzada done nothing wrong. Its her life. It’s her choice. Shame on those whose cursing her. #IAmRabiPirzada #Nobodyshame #WestandwithRabi,”

The British-Iranian political activist and human rights campaigner, Maryam Namazie, later shared her tweet from her official social media handle and said that there is nothing obscene about women’s bodies. Instead, she said the misogynist Islamic view that propagates the culture of shaming women, controlling and policing their bodies and sexuality, is what is obscene.

“There is nothing obscene about women’s bodies. What is obscene is the misogynist Islamic view of women’s bodies and the shaming culture that aims to control and police women’s bodies and sexuality. #IAmRabiPirzada @FauziaGilani,” Maryam Namazie tweeted.

Fauzia Ilyas a campaigner of feminism and atheist rights, is an open critic of her former religion, Islam. Married off at a young age to a businessman she did not even know.

Ilyas was sexually abused by her husband and received no help in return. Her parents simply dismissed his acts with Islamic apologia. It was then that Ilyas, in her desperation, gradually started questioning the existence of a supreme deity.

Eventually forced out of her home, she later refuted her religion and became an open apostate of Islam after marrying fellow atheist Sayed Gillani in Lahore.

Ilyas and her husband have continued facing charges of blasphemy in Pakistan and from conservative Muslims, who have even issued death threats against her.

In 2015, fearing the threat to her life, Ilyas managed to escape to the Netherlands via Dubai seeking political asylum and was later joined by her husband.

Fauzia Ilyas elaborated her stance on Facebook, on her solidarity with Rabi Pirzada with a placard where it is written, ‘#IAmRabiPirzada’.

 “Thank you, everyone, for your support. Nude pictures of Rabi Pir Zada were leaked by another person, however, Pakistani people were cursing her instead of demanding an investigation against the person who leaked those photos and videos.

Just wondering after reading many women that why she took such photos. There are several cases where men harassed a woman by sending their nudes in women inbox.

Then they don’t feel shame but if a woman comes up with those ideas then their so-called values hurt.”

Fauzia Ilyas

she wrote on Facebook.

On Twitter, Fauzia Ilyas was, as expected, criticized by conservative Muslims for her way of supporting the Pakistani pop singer.

Fauzia Ilyas continued to explain her stance on Facebook.

“It’s hypocrisy and it should be ended now. We’re no one to tell others how to lead your life. We’re no one to tell a woman how should she take her photos Even though Rabi PirZada has clarified several times that she made those photos for her husband.

Being a sensible person we should leave that matter but everyone was demanding her nudes, her videos. This is a level of hypocrisy that people were watching those nudes and meanwhile abusing her.

It should be stopped now. It is strange that people are not offended when children get raped by Mullahs in mosques, they are not offended when a girl is raped, but they’re offended when a woman comes up with her own choices.

It is my choice to support her in this way. If people don’t get offended by nudity while watching the porn then they shouldn’t even get offended to see a naked woman supporting a cause. #IAmRabiPirzada,”

Fauzia Ilyas

Earlier, private photos and videos of the Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada got leaked on the internet after she got into a heated debate on social media with Pakistan Armed Forces spokesperson Asif Ghafoor.

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