Daroga Happu Singh and Dabangg Rajesh’s jokes will leave you in splits

Daroga Happu Singh and Dabangg Rajesh, the on-screen couple in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan have been one of the favorite jodis on television. Yogesh Tripathi and Kamna Pathak playing Happu and Rajesh are known for their hilarious Pati-Patni nok-jhok, funny one-liners and impeccable comic timing.

This ‘International Joke Day’, we list down witty dialogues exchange between the two that is sure to leave you in splits! It all started with Happu Singh singing “Panchi Banu Udta Phiru“ a famous Bollywood track. Rajesh catches his true intentions and immediately replies, “Ghar mein hi udo, saamne wali peehar gayi hui hai.”

Now Happu was not going to take this lying down. This time when Rajesh goes to her maayke and Happu Singh celebrating the same calls Rajesh, she snaps and says, “Kitni baar kaha hai ki ab tumhare ghar nahi aaungi! Phir roz phone kyu karte ho?” And Happu in a savage reply to Rajesh says, “Yeh sunkar acha lagta hai isiliye.”  

Daroga Happu Singh
Daroga Happu Singh and Dabangg Rajesh’s jokes will leave you in splits

In another time, Rajesh returns home, and Happu asks her, “Kaha gayi thi?” Rajesh responds saying, “Blood donate karne gayi thi.” Happu in his mocking style says, “Mera khoon peete peete overflow hone laga kya jo ab khoon bechne bhi lagi ho?”

He outright called her khoon-choosne-wali! Happu and Rajesh’s bickering keeps the show alive. Things seemed to be slightly different this time. In a romantic tete-a-tete Happu in the guise of complimenting Rajesh says, “Self-control koi tumse seekhe.”

Rajesh proudly agrees, but then asks, “Par kis baat ka self-control?” Happu being Happu says, “Din bhar mein itna meetha khati ho par hamare liye ek bhi shabdh meetha nahi nikalne deti.” Seedha bolti-bandh!

Daroga Happu Singh
Daroga Happu Singh and Dabangg Rajesh’s jokes will leave you in splits

Another bolti-bandh situation between Happu Daroga Singh and his dharm-patni Rajesh was this hilarious episode where Rajesh says, “Meri sharafat hi thi ki maine aapko dekhe bagair shaadi kar li.” Happu instantly reacts, saying “Meri sharafat toh dekho, ki maine dekhkar bhi inkaar nahi kiya.” Who can say what after this!

Commenting on the hilarious dialogue deliveries, Yogesh Tripathi, says, “Audiences have always admired and loved the comical exchanges between Dabangg Rajesh and her husband Daroga Happu Singh. Even off-screen Kamna and I keep pulling each other’s legs.

Comedy and this husband-wife nok-jhok come naturally to us. There is, of course, a lot of prepping that goes behind rehearsing each dialogue. It is also challenging because it is a comedy, you cannot laugh no matter how much you want to.

But the most fun we have is when some of these dialogues come impromptu to us during situational comedy scenes. We missed these dialogues and shooting for our show a lot during the lockdown.

It has been one of the most fun parts of our shoots. Now that we are geared up for the shoot get ready to watch all-new fun episodes of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan coming soon only on &TV.”

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