Chahatt Khanna haunted by cab driver and the flight

Chahatt Khanna had a weird day, a day before. She called for a cab to the airport and took the cab. In the middle of nowhere the driver stopped the cab and asked Chahat to get down so that he could take a selfie. Chahatt asked him to continue driving and she started reaching out to her friend.

The driver didn’t move the vehicle ahead and insisted on her to get out so he could take a selfie. Chahatt Khanna finally said to him that she is calling the cops and there is a chip in her phone and the cops would soon be coming tracking her meanwhile she also called out to her friend. The driver got fearful and finally took off to the airport.

This was not enough adventure for the night. She was almost late and after making her through to the flight after tremendous difficulty, it was even scarier there. The flight was running in the runway and suddenly it had brakes applied at a tremendous force.

The oxygen masks got down and everyone started praying and reaching out for their lives. She thought she might not survive this. Finally the flight came to a halt and all the passengers were made to board another flight.

Chahatt Khanna said,

” It was a very difficult day for me . The driver in the cab to the airport was heckling me to get out so he could take a selfie. I tried reaching out to my friend at 4 am in the night and I told the driver that the cops would be coming soon. And then the runway brakes happened. It felt like I was going to loose my life that day but thankfully I survived and everyone on the flight survived. Finally I could breathe a sigh of relief after reaching home.”

Chahatt Khanna

We are happy that our girl Chahatt is fine now. It was a difficult day and we hope no one has to go through such scenes.

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