Arun Mandola says Delhi is my father and Mumbai my mother

Arun Mandola recently completed seven years of his journey in the city of dreams. He shares his experience of Mumbai with us and says,” It was a bit scary when I think of the last seven years. I would say I have enjoyed 5% in this city and went through a tough time for the remaining 95%.

But overall it was a great experience in Mumbai. I have learned a lot of things here. When I came to Mumbai  I was not expecting that the city will teach me so many things. My creativity has increased and I have become more confident and focused towards my career and family.”

Speaking more about the city, Arun Mandola adds,” The local people are very helpful and sweet. That touches my heart. My life has totally changed after I started my work here in Mumbai.” Arun also points out an interesting trivia on Mumbai as he says, ”One interesting thing in this city is the friendship between Dogs and Cats.

Usually, they’ve sworn enemies elsewhere!  The second thing is Auto Rickshaws at your doorstep 24/7. In these seven years, I feel Delhi is my father and Mumbai my mother. Struggling has been the greatest teacher but whatever I have wished I have achieved.

Mumbai is called Maya Nagri, there are some positive powers and negative power. If you are focused on your target, then surely Mumbai will help you to achieve your dreams, says Arun Mandola.

I remember when I was in school my father always used to tell me stories about Mumbai –  I don’t know why. He always said it is Mayanagri, superstars are staying in this city. Maybe that time my mind connected with the city of dreams.” Arun Mandola is known for his portrayal of Laxman convincingly on Indian Television in Vighnaharta Ganesha and Sankatmochan Hanuman.

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