Arian Romal fought 5 years of legal battle with T-Series for his own song

Arian Romal gets his song ‘In the Club’ back from T-Series, finally after 5 years. With the Nepotism doing rounds in the Film Industry, the dark secrets of the Music industry have also started surfacing up with Artists voicing out their experiences, struggles and unwrapping the dark layers of Nepotism and reality behind the showbiz world.

One of the biggest names/entity being T-Series, which has lately been making noise with allegations against it from various artists. Arian Romal being one of the Artists exclusively signed 5 years back, who was not only stopped from working outside but also had a major song retained.

We spoke to Arian Romal on this and here is what he has to say, “I received an official email from T-Series, in which they have agreed to my terms which specifies that they do not have anything to do with me as an Artist and my Song – ‘In the Club’.

Everything is good now, I got the song but it took 4 years of fighting. My lawyer asked on 2017 to take the song back. They didn’t allow it then and retained it. That was totally fine but the only issue being was they didn’t do anything with it; neither allowed me to as there were other companies and artists who were ready to work with me and also wanted to buy and use that specific song.

But T-Series held it tight and didn’t want to let it go, in fact, they didn’t want to let it get released for which they stopped my due too. It took me 5 years to take my song which was created by me. The media pressure was there now and hence they had to release it after Five long years as they couldn’t stop that anymore.”

We can’t call it justice but at least the song is back with the creator and Arian can look ahead. We hope no one has to go through this kind of pressure and we can see better and just days in our industry, says Arian Romal.

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