Aniruddh Dave says everyone has a PhD in Covid-19

Aniruddh Dave feels that from small kids to elderly, everyone has a PhD in coronavirus now. However, when it comes to taking precautions to avoid any risk of infection, that has gone for a toss.

“I would like to say that corona is the only one disease in which from children to aged, everyone has done a Ph.D in India. Everyone knows what precautions are to be taken. But when it comes to implementing them, people forget it,” Aniruddh Dave said.

When the coronavirus outbreak hit the World, we were informed that washing hands frequently and using sanitizer can reduce the risk of infection. With that we slowly started cleaning everything that comes from outside.

Aniruddh Dave feels, “Now we are habituated to this new way of living and even with a vaccine, there will be chances of people getting affected. So, it’s good that everyone has become more hygiene conscious and are trying to create a hygienic environment.”

As far as social-distancing is concerned he admits that people are not even thinking about it now, and added, “The problem is that people here are neither worried about themselves or others. So, they don’t understand that by not following it they will not just put themselves at risk but others too. I feel it’s high time people start following it.”

Are you are doing anything to keep your mind at peace, like yoga or meditation? The “Patiala Babes” star said, “I am practicing breathing exercises. But yes doing meditation and yoga will definitely reduce stress and give some peace of mind.”

The unlockdown has already started and soon the shooting will resume too. Aniruddh admits that though audiences’ choice and preferences might have changed now, they need to work according to a story.

“We need to work according to a story. I agree that the audience’s choice and preference must have changed because of the lockdown, but nobody knows when and how will a story or a character change. I just hope that they accept us with whatever content we come up with,” Aniruddh Dave concluded.

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