Aditi Rao Hydari lost many foreign films as the makers felt she doesn’t…

Aditi Rao Hydari is open to movies in different languages, be it in India or abroad. Aditi had even auditioned for parts in International films and while some of them didn’t fall in place, in most cases she was told she does not look “conventional Indian”.

Being a trained classical dancer and someone who wears a lot of Indian attire, Aditi shares even the Indian filmmakers she has collaborated with prefer to see her in traditional clothes in their films.

What amuses me is that I’m mostly complimented for my traditional looks and the way I carry Indian attires here. Even directors like Mani [Ratnam] sir, Sanjay [Leela Bhansali] sir wants me to wear Indian clothes. In their films I have mostly flaunted traditional looks and attire, but internationally I’m perceived differently… I just hope things work out for me soon.

Aditi Rao Hydari

On International films she said,

I’ve lost international films, and in most cases the makers felt I don’t look conventional Indian… It’s surprising how I have been told that I look different quite a number of times. Had it happened once I would have still ignored. There are instances when even after giving a good audition, the role did not come to me. Later when I saw who they cast , it was evident why I got rejected… I don’t want to name those films as that would not be the right thing to do,” says the actor adding even when she travels abroad, she has been told the same thing.

Aditi Rao Hydari

She added, I am not one of those regretful kinds of people. I feel like you make a decision at a particular point, sometimes things work in favour, sometimes they don’t. But you stay strong and make more of what you have with all heart. As a person I am someone who believes in looking at the positives rather than negatives. I concentrate on work at hand.

Aditi further adds, “Last year, after Padmaavat, I could not take up a few offers from Bollywood because of my work commitment in south. One or two of these film offers were too good to say no to but I had no option. The kind of person I am I make time for everything but this time I just could not. I feel very bad initially then I make peace with myself… And I feel it’s time that I work more on my balancing skills.”

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