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Actress Tracey Boakye says I invite men home for sex and pay them

Actress Tracey Boakye has confessed in an interview that at her level now, she has no time for relationship stress and she is too big for one man so whenever she feels for sex, she just invites a man she is crushing on for sex and pays the person.

According to Tracey Boakye she is at a point in her life she has made enough money not to be controlled by one man. She rather pays for se*x since she does not need any stress.

The Kumawood actress/Producer explained that the practice offers her the opportunity to control and bounce the man around since she is in control.

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Tracey Boakye also added that she uses the men and discard them anyhow since they are of little importance to her and she is the one making the payment and decisions in the affair.

Earlier Tracey Boakye has claimed any lady who is not married but has sex with her partner must be termed as a prostitute. According to the actress, prostitutes are not only women who stand by the streets and wait for customers but also unmarried women who give it to their lovers.

Speaking in a YouTube video, the actress adamantly expressed she is disappointed by people who constantly judge and ridicule prostitutes. Tracey hinted sex is only meant for marriage. But instead, some women sleep with their lovers every day without thinking about the moral implications their actions have.

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Tracey Boakye argued that it is not fair to tag commercial sex workers as prostitutes while other women go about having sex with their boyfriends all in the name of courtship.

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