Actress Sylvia Edem says I will marry a man not because of Manhood size

Actress Sylvia Edem has shared her views on marriage and what will compel her in making a choice of her ideal man for marriage.

Actress Sylvia Edem indicated that love comes before any other thing for her and she would marry a man she loves, but not because of his wealth or the size of his genitalia.

Speaking to the Saturday Sun, Actress Sylvia Edem advised married couples to keep third parties away from their marriage because third parties break homes.

She said: “This is for all the married couples out there; always sort out the differences between each other without a third-party, because third parties destroy homes. For me, I can only marry a man I love, not because of his wealth or size of manhood. Because after five years in marriage and those things are no longer there, it means I won’t be there for my husband. But if it was for love, I will stick to him through all circumstances.”

She continued saying; “I will advice entertainers to look for other means of businesses rather than depending solely on entertainment, in case what is going on in the country arises again,” she noted.

Sylvia Edem has done Pleasure Boosters, Escort Service, Weeping Kingdom, Weeping Child, Military Zone, Internet Hustlers, Yanki Students that I played as Fabulous, The Calabar Illiterate.

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